Sunday, November 2, 2008

T-Shirt Pillow

While going through clothes for the change of season with my children my youngest son came across one of his favorite shirts. He was bummed when he tried it on and it was too small (I was bummed too because that meant many clothes wouldn't fit and there went my checking account). A few days prior to that I ran across a fun t-shirt pillow project on a crafting site I belong too called MyCraftivity. So tonight Mommy became the hero of the household when she took that favorite shirt and made it into a favorite pillow. You can get that simple project here. What recycling projects are you up to these days?


Anonymous said...

My nephew also has this shirt - what a great idea!

Jessica's mom said...

Oh now there is a saying for the embroidery machine! Perhaps I should have put that on DH's sweat rags. LOL! It was for embrodiery fabric practice.

Nice save on the shirt!