Sunday, November 9, 2008

Passing it on

I think it's so important to pass our creative juices to our children. Their minds are naturally more creative than ours and it's amazing the things they can come up with. My children always watch, question, and join in when my craft supplies are out. Recently they all have been interested in the sewing machine (probably because I've been doing alot of sewing lately). So tonight my daughter decided she needed a new pillow. I was just gonna make her one but she asked if she could do it. She had a blast and she did very well. My youngest son watched and asked when he could try. My oldest son takes Family and Consumer Science (formerly known as Home Economics) and could probably teach me a thing or two! I'm so thrilled that they have taken an interest in sewing. Since I'm still a beginner it will be fun to learn and create together. I think Santa will be leaving some charm packs and jelly rolls under the tree this year!

What do you like to create with your children?


CrystalJRieger said...

I love crafting with my kids. It is such a great way to encourage creativeness. Tell your daughter her pillow looks awesome!

Pixiecrafter said...

Hey, Renee! I love your page! I also have a blog on here under pixiecrafter (check it out). How did you create our page?
Your daughter's pillow turned out great! She should be very proud!She's quite the sewer (sp?). Both of my girls like to craft with me too. It's gets pretty bad because we do so may different crafts-I have closets/rooms full of craft stuff. But I wouldn' have any other way, would you?

Jessica's mom said...

What a good job she did! And the fabric too! :) My DD loves art I have to hunt for paper that doesn't have drawings, just to write myself a note. Good thing I have one of those grocery list note pads for the fridge.

Denise said...

I love crafting with my children. When they were very little we cooked together, the bowl was on a chair so it was their height! they even helped me quilt and they have made their own projects, too. i didn't know how this would affect them as adults (23 and 21), but I found out that my son did some macrame' of all things while he lived on his own recently! I just beemed from ear to ear. they both are doing things on their own now.